AUKILIFE's Philosophy, Purpose & Product.


"The more natural the goods & life, the healthier the body & mind." -Dr. T's 1988


To enhance people's health and living quality.


AUKI LIFE specializes in natural healthcare, oralcare and bodycare. All our products are free of synthetic colour and fragrance. The formulation of synergy preparation is unique and contains only natural active ingredients. Our internal healthcare products are manufactured in compliance with the Australia Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) code or Bio-Gro New Zealand standards.


AUKI LIFE is a professional healthcare firm based in Melbourne and produces the products from bio-diversified Australia and clean green New Zealand. A R&D team with expertise in medicine, chemistry, biochemical science, intellectual law and art design is lead by Dr. David to carry out a sustainable innovation and development program. The team maintains close contact with specialists in related fields. We place our resources primarily on R&D and customer service rather than costly advertising campaigns. We are more than happy to work with any genuine party to share our philosophy and to promote natural healthcare products.

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